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Capital One

June 8, 2010

Subpoenas to Capital One financial institutions can be sent to one of the many different Capital One Entities. You must address your subpoena to the correct entity. There are several Capital One entities, including:

  • Capital One Bank (USA) N.A. — Currently offers a wide variety of credit card products, other lending products, and deposit products.
  • Capital One, N.A. — Offers a broad spectrum of banking products and financial services to consumers, small businesses and commercial clients, including traditional banking products through an extensive branch network in Connecticut, the District of Columbia, Louisiana, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Texas and Virginia.
  • Capital One Auto Finance, Inc. — Offers automobile financing products.
  • Capital One, N.A., Member FDIC
  • Capital One, National Association
  • Capital One Bank
  • Capital One Bank, N.A.
  • Capital One Bank, National Association
  • Capital One Bank (USA)
  • Capital One Financial Corporation
  • Capital One Home Loans LLC
  • Capital One Services, LLC
  • Capital One Settlement Services, LLC

Click here for additional information at the Capital One website.

PHYSICAL SERVICE of subpoenas should be at:

[Correct Capital One Entity Name]
c/o Corporation Service Company
1111 E. Main St., Suite 1600
Richmond, VA 23218

Capital One entities do not as a practice accept service of process by any means not specifically authorized by applicable law, including email, facsimile or mail. However, if service by mail of your subpoena is permitted by applicable law, please send your subpoena by MAIL to:

Attn: 12070-7000
15000 Capital One Drive
Richmond, VA 23238-1119

***This address is ONLY for service by MAIL***

Phone: 1-804-284-2424


Send all inquiries to:

  1. Ms. Dale Davidson permalink

    12/7/20. Happily, Capital One has come into the 21st Century. I emailed and was told they PREFER emailing the subpoena to them! (They also confirmed the Fedex address above.).

  2. Dale Davidson permalink

    12.4.20 Hi, folks. I got a reply email back in one day from Cap One. They “we prefer electronic service to this email address due to COVID-19.” The email addy to send it to is and I’m so glad they have moved their process into the 21st Century! (And am very glad to find this website so we can help each other out!)

  3. Rosaline Gibbons permalink

    My boss has been subpoenaed by Capital One Bank under someone else’s name. He has never lived at the address that is written in the letter and the Social Security Number provided is not his. How can he get this subpoena dropped and his name cleared? We have sent a letter to the Marshall’s office and to the Lawyers office.

  4. Will permalink

    That address is not right, they asked me to change the address in Subpoena to 1111 East Main Street Richmond VA 23219, which was served by Sheriff’s Office.
    I’m looking for their phone number to obtain the case status.

    • That address is correct for service by MAIL, where legally authorized. The address provided to you by the Sheriff’s Office is for Capital One’s registered agent for PHYSICAL SERVICE, Corporation Service. A company unaffiliated with this blog (State Court Services) has created their own website dedicated to Capital One service issues, We Serve Capital One, which may provide additional assistance. Thank you State Court Services for clarifying information about Capital One!

  5. 10/26/2016 I spoke to a representative and confirmed that the above address is correct:

    Attn: 12070-7000


    15000 Capital One Drive

    Richmond, VA 23238-1119

  6. Md Rafsan Islam permalink

    To whom it may concern:

    I am requesting for the Legal Compliance Department’s email/mailing address and contact information so we may be able to send an administrative subpoena.

    I am in need of Bank statements for the Capital One Bank, Branch : Howard Beach, NY 11414, for the Account Bearing Number# XXXXXXXXX and for the Account Name# XXXXXXXXXX.. Please send me any/all information at

    118-21 Queens Blvd. Ste. 603
    Forest Hills, NY 11375


  7. Corina Andre permalink

    To whom it may concern:

    I am requesting for the Legal Compliance Department’s email/mailing address and contact information so we may be able to send an administrative subpoena. Please send me any/all information at


    Corina Andre
    DEA/Intel Analyst
    Guam Resident Office
    (671)472-7384 (Office)
    (671)472-7426 (Fax)

  8. Deanna permalink

    Tried emailing to the email address and it got kicked back as spam. How do you contact these people?

    • As Mr. Dodge indicates in his August 16, 2011 post, Capital One is a difficult entity to serve. You might try reaching them at this email address: You can also call their toll-free number and ask to be connected with their legal department or “subpoena compliance” department. Good Luck. They are a difficult company to deal with!

  9. I’m a process server for State Court Services, Inc., and we regularly serve legal documents on Capital One companies. It’s important to note that there is no such legal entity as Capital One. It’s a federally registered trademark that they use in their advertising, but any document addressed to “Capital One” will almost certainly be rejected.

    They have a total of thirteen different entities that we know of, and there could be even more. It’s really important that you get the entity name right in your complaint or subpoena because if it’s wrong, Capital One will simply return it stating that the named entity is not a party to the transaction, or not the custodian of records for the information requested.

    Ther are two locations where Capital One (regardless of which entity) can definitely be served. One is at their corporate office in McLean, VA and the other is through their registered agent, Corporation Service Company in Richmond VA. We cover both locations and are at each one on a regular basis.

    The question of how to effectively obtain service of legal documents on Capital One has been so confusing that we started a web site dedicated strictly to helping people get their documents served. It has a lot of very useful information and can help you avoid the mistakes that other litigants have made. The web address is

    If anybody has any specific questions about process service on Capital One you’re more than welcome to call our office toll-free at 1-888-90-SERVE (1-888-907-3783). We’re here to help!

  10. Marcia Heath permalink

    I am needing to serve a subpoena to Captial One Bank (USA) N.A. This is for the state of Indiana. Do I need to include a registered agent? The Secretary of State for Indiana does not have a registered agent for Capital One Bank (USA) N.A.

    • You should be able to serve them directly, but I would recommend you email them to check for specifics. Their email address is provided here.

  11. Det. Jimenez permalink

    In regards to long term investigations, would I be assigned or able to speak with a Capital One Investigator one on one

  12. J.Brooks Roberts permalink

    I am a Fire Marshal with the New York City Fire Department. We are updateing our subpoena refrains guide for all banks. I would apprieciate it if you could send me a copy of your Law Enforcement Legal compliance guide or any info that would assist us with obtaining subpoenas. Thank you for your time.

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