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September 4, 2010

For Credit Cards, DEPOSIT ACCOUNT RECORDS (checking, savings, etc.) and STATE matters:

Citibank, N.A.
c/o Legal Services
5800 South Corporate Place
Mail Code 451
Sioux Falls, SD 57108
Fax: (347) 809-6937

Subpoena Compliance Dept: (605) 331-1662

They will accept subpoenas via fax. No need to serve original by mail.

During Covid, subpoenas being accepted by email at, but call to confirm receipt and acceptance if you don’t receive an email reply.

This information was most recently confirmed as accurate on October, 2019.

  1. Jennifer permalink


    To Subpoena Credit Cards:
    Citi Bank NA
    MC 451
    5800 S. Corporate Pl.
    Sioux Falls, SD. 57108

    Fax: (347) 809-6937

    If you need confirmation or would like to inquire if there have been any updates, you can call the Citi Bank Subpoena Compliance Department at (605) 331-1662.

    Also, because of COVID-19, they are accepting Subpoenas via email at However, this will end once COVID-19 ends.

    • Robert Lender permalink

      As of 5/11/21 this information is accurate according to Alexis at CitiBank (reached at 605-331-1662). The only thing I would add is that Alexis noted that ALL subpoenas (for whatever department or type of record) should now be directed to the 5800 South Corporate Place address.

  2. My office in California wishes to subpoena records for several Citi credit cards: Citi/Aadvantage Gold Card, Citi/Aadvantage Platinum Select Card, Costco Anywhere Visa card, AND a Citibank, N.A., Line of Credit. It appears from this webpage that I can fax a subpoena for the credit card statements to (347) 809-6937 but I am not sure about where to fax the subpoena for the Line of Credit. Also, would the entity subpoenaed for the credit cards be “Citi”or “CitiGroup” or “CitiBank?”
    Thank you for any direction you can give.

  3. California Attorney permalink

    10/25/19 Spoke with Subpoena Compliance Department on phone.

    They confirm they will receive and process subpoenas by fax, do not demand personal service even if state law (e.g. CA) requires it. Fax number confirmed 347-809-6937. However mailing address is different: **deposit/savings account subpoenas**, if mailed, should go to:

    Citibank, N.A.
    c/o Legal Services
    5800 South Corporate Place
    Mail Code 451
    Sioux Falls, SD 57108

    I didn’t ask if credit card subpoenas were different–I suspect they are, since she asked for specification re: type of subpoena (sorry, was focused on my own case!).

    For what it’s worth, I left a voicemail to Citibank Subpoena Compliance Department at (605) 331-1662 to get clarification on this and got a callback in less than an hour. Your mileage may vary.

    • California Attorney permalink

      Oops–zip code should be 57108. Sorry mod/admin.

    • Kelly J Schodorf permalink

      Thank you for included that phone number. That has been a life saver! (Kansas attorney)

    • Charlene D. Quint, permalink

      4/24/2020 Illinois Attorney

      I just spoke with the Subpoena compliance division at 605-331-1662. He confirmed that the address for the credit card subpoenas is:

      Citibank NA Legal Services NA – Subpoena Compliance
      5800 S Corporate Place
      Mail Code 451
      Sioux Falls, SD 57108

      They will also accept subpoenas by email at:

      They are delayed due to the coronavirus, but can send things out by email more quickly than by CD since they are working from home half the time according to the person I spoke with.

  4. Briana permalink

    Am I reading this correctly that the address is the same now for both Credit and Bank accounts?

  5. Heather permalink

    I was hesitant to trust this info as it is dated 09/04/2010, so just wanted to leave a note that as of 06/27/2019, Citi confirmed with me that all the information is still correct.

    • Thank you! We update all listings when we learn of changes, so a post may have an original date of, say, 2010, but it might have been updated several times since with new info. Our site visitors like you help us stay current!

  6. Jessie permalink

    Is Citibank Client Services, NA the same as Citibank, N.A or are they different entities? No one seems to know when we contact Citibank directly. Thank you.

  7. Scott permalink

    I have contacted the Citibank legal department at 605-331-1662, requesting an update on a records request submitted a month ago. I was hung up on by 4 different people (Sarah, Teresa, John, and Tonya). They lack all professionalism and are currently interfering with a criminal financial exploitation investigation. I wish everyone luck in receiving your records.

  8. Robert Blum permalink

    CitiCards N.A. Is there an agent for service of process in CA? Nothing on file with Secretary of State. So we have CitiCards with their corporate headquarters in Florida, and an address in South Dakota where they accept subpoenas. Anyone served a summons and complaint on the South Dakota office?

  9. Mark permalink

    This is great but I cannot tell what order the comments with updates are in

    • Hi Mark,

      Thanks for your note. The most recent comments are at the top (directly below yours). We do update the post periodically as we get new information so whatever you see in the post should be the most up to date info, as best as we know it.

      Cheers, Admin

  10. Thomas Eastridge permalink

    Citibank Legal Service Intake moved in 2016 from New York to:

    Citibank, N.A.
    Legal Service Intake Unit
    701 E. 60th Street North
    Sioux Falls, South Dakota 57117
    Facsimile (347) 809-6937
    Telephone – (866) 582-6249

  11. fellstreetpressAndrew permalink

    7-12-2017. Spoke to Citibank on the phone today. Confirmed that 701 E. 60th Street North, Mail Code 1251, Sioux Falls, SD 57117 is the address to send the subpoena. Will send it out today and see if it is returned.

  12. Dave permalink

    I just called the phone # listed above spoke to Lauren. She said the correct address is:

    701 E. 60th STREET NORTH
    MAIL CODE 1251
    SIOUX FALLS, SD 57117

  13. Liz permalink

    FYI As of 7/29/16 there is a new address for Citi NA (credit cards)
    701 E. 60th Street North
    Mail Code 1251
    Sioux Falls, SD 57117
    Fax: 347-809-6937

    They will accept subpoenas via fax. No need to serve original by mail.

  14. TRACEY permalink

    Just because you are a legal professional IN California does not always mean you have to personally serve subpoenas. If an entity ACCEPTS service of subpoenas by fax and mail it does not matter WHAT our California Code says. I have served many subpoenas on banks by mail and/or fax – I have NEVER had one rejected because it was not personally served.

  15. Anyone ever have service signed by a “Geraldine” at the Citibank address?

  16. Patty permalink

    Post as of December 2015. I called the (605) 331-1662 number and I was told the address for all credit card subpoenas are going to one centralized location at: Citibank NA, ℅ Legal Services Intake Unit, One Court Square, 31st. Floor, Long Island City, NY 11120.

  17. Mithila permalink

    I inquired CitiBank branch office in California and then informed that you can fax the subpoena documents to NY. Will that be possible as subpoenas have to be personally delivered.

    • Generally that is true, although many locations will accept service by fax. If they told you this is the case, you may not need personal service.

  18. Fatmeh permalink

    The fax number has been changed from area 718

    CitiBank, N.A.
    C/o legal service intake unit
    1 court square, 31th flr
    Long island city, NY 11120
    Tel 866-582-6249
    Fax 347-809-6937

  19. Sonya permalink

    I just called the 605-331-1662 number. The representative said that the address posted above is for credit card subpoenas from the cardholder or if it’s a federal matter.

    For deposit account records (checking, savings, etc.) that are state matters, she gave me the following information:

    Citibank, N.A.
    c/o Legal Service Intake Unit
    1 Court Square, 12th Fl.
    Long Island City, NY 11120

    Fax: 718-248-1225
    Ph: 866-582-6249

    • Thank you for the additional information on Citibank. Much appreciated!

      • Anne permalink

        This is helpful, but in California, I believe we’re required to serve the subpoena personally.

        • We are aware of successful service by mail from California. If you’re concerned, just give them a call to check on current procedures.

    • Kyle permalink

      4/8/2013 call to 866-582-6249 receives automated message with service address. Note that the FLOOR number has changed in the address. Now

      Citibank Legal Services
      1 Court Square, 31st Floor
      Long Island City, NY 11120

  20. Citi Subpoena Compliance permalink


    I am the person at the telephone number provided for the Citibank subpoena compliance department. There is a general number for the Citibank subpoena compliance department. Please use this number instead, (605) 331-1662.

    Thank You!

  21. Hi,

    Thanks for posting this info. I’m wondering if the info for Citibank is still accurate. Believe it or not, I called Citibank asked them to confirm the address for their Subpoena Compliance Unit and the rep told me they don’t have one!

    • Hi Rudy K.

      What phone number did you call at Citibank? General customer service people usually haven’t a clue what a “subpoena compliance department” is, much less how to route you to those folks. This address is valid as of 2011. I would suggest sending them correspondence at that address to inquire directly. Good Luck, and let us know if you learn anything new!

      • Trina permalink

        The phone number for the legal department is 605-331-2851. I subpoenaed the South Dakota office and the requested records were sent out by UPS, so the address in South Dakota is good for subpoenas. I had to backtrack to get confirmation over the phone that they were indeed sending the records and was able to get hold of a very helpful person at the above number who told me when the records were sent out.

  22. Sarah permalink

    Thanks this is a really great site! It would be even better if you had more companies….check out another one that may be useful:

    “This site and ISP list is for law enforcement use and contains a variety of ISPs and similar information services, specifically, contacts at the legal departments for law enforcement service of subpoena, court orders, and search warrants.”

    It’s a list of companies and addresses and may be useful to update this site.

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