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Wells Fargo Bank

June 17, 2011
Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.

Subpoenas may be served at any Wells Fargo Branch

Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
Subpoena Processing Chandler
P.O. Box 29728
Phoenix, AZ 85038

Ph: (480) 724-2000


Last edited: 8/11/2020

  1. Abigail permalink

    If I am trying to serve a wage garnishment on a Wells Fargo employee who works in Iowa, would I still have it served on the PO Box in Phoenix? Or do I need to find a local office in Iowa?

  2. Celine permalink

    Does anyone know where or how to serve Wells Fargo subpoena for records from their Wells Fargo Advisors subsidiary? I had a process server walk into a branch in my State of California and served the subpoena for some IRA statements. It was addressed to Well Fargo Bank, NA 1900 Broadway, Redwood City, CA 94063. The Summons and Subpoenas Department responds a week before the records are due with “the order was not directed to the appropriate entity”. I understand they are also known as Wells Fargo Clearing Services. WTH? It is all Wells Fargo and are they being purposely difficult? The subpoena is a court order!

  3. Rushil Oza permalink


    Number I have and have used successfully to fax process to WF is 1-866-359-9145

  4. Sherice M. Dunham permalink

    As of 2/7/2020, the following information was obtained from customer service at 480-724-2000:

    There are 2 addresses for Legal Order Processing:

    Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
    Legal Order Processing
    P. O. Box 29779
    Phoenix, AZ 85038

    Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
    Legal Order Processing
    P. O. Box 1416
    Charlotte, NC 28201

    Fax number 1-866-670-1561

  5. Bill permalink

    Just spoke to an agent at the subp processing center who informed me the PO Box is ACTUALLY 29728

  6. Shirley Eastus permalink

    I need to know who and why is requesting a garnishment on my account. All it says is court ordered debt collections – 916 845-7064 – case number 562969937
    This smells like a fraud. So give me the information you received to make this garnishment on my account

    • This website is not Wells Fargo and we cannot assist you. As stated on our home page, please take note of the following:
      If you are not a legal professional (i.e. lawyer, paralegal, legal assistant, etc.) and you are not in the process of serving a subpoena, then this website is NOT for you. Folks looking for help with their checking account at Bank ABC, or trying to unfreeze an account with Bank XYZ, or some other consumer related issue, will not find what they’re looking for here. Over the years, we’ve had folks looking for help getting rid of wage garnishments, getting access to funds in a deceased relative’s account, and trying to resolve payment issues with credit card companies. Unfortunately, we can’t help with any of that. We’ve also had folks get mighty upset, thinking we are Bank ABC or Bank XYZ, demanding we return their phone calls or answer their account-related questions.

      This website is not affiliated in any way, shape or form with any of the institutions listed here. We provide contact information, and when available, information from the institutions about how they want subpoenas served. Nothing more, nothing less.

      You may wish to seek guidance from a licensed attorney in your state of residence.

  7. Ellerie Vaughn permalink

    If anyone needs it, this is the address for CSC in California:

    Address for CA registered agent: CSC

    2710 Gateway Oaks Dr., Suite 150N

    Sacramento, CA 95833

  8. MM Admin permalink

    Posted April 2019 – Wells Fargo will only respond to subpoenas in the following ways from what I can tell: All subpoenas must be served to Wells Fargo, N.A. They have to either be hand delivered to a local branch, or sent to the registered agent. CSC is the registered agent (phone is 866-403-5272) ask what the address is for the State you are issuing the subpoena in. The address on the subpoena needs to still be their subpoena handling place (listed below) or apparently the local branch you serve it to. Again, the only respond to subpoenas if they are given to a local branch by hand or sent to the registered agent.

    Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
    Subpoena Processing Chandler
    P.O. Box 29779
    Phoenix, AZ 85038

    • Frank de la Puente permalink


      Will W-F state the fees it charges for producing documents under subpoena, before providing the documents?

      • Banks often charge fees for compliance with a subpoena. For those that do, many will provide an invoice before production of documents and require payment upfront. You may also call Wells Fargo subpoena compliance at 1-480-724-2000 and ask them directly.

  9. Detective Rakebrandt permalink

    does subpoena compliance ever pick up the phone? Think I have hours to sit on hold waiting to find out why they haven’t answered a subpoena. You guys are the worst. Do they have an e-mail?

  10. Call 866-403-5272. This is the Registered Agent for Wells Fargo. You will need to know the state where the subpoena or search warrant has to be served and they will give you the address in that state. The subpoena or search warrant still has to be in the name of Wells Fargo with the original Wells Fargo address, etc., not this new address, or it will be rejected. You can send it via USPS, FedEx, certified mail, etc. The people you talk to at this number are incredibly impatient, unfriendly and will not want answer any other questions you have but this is the closest I’ve gotten to real help.

  11. Sara Johnson permalink

    I just spoke with a representative and she gave me the following address to list on subpoenas for bank statements and credit card statements, though she said the address of any local branch address could be used and service can be at any local branch.
    Wells Fargo Bank N.A.
    P.O. Box 29728
    Phoenix, AZ 85038

  12. Jackie Metzger permalink

    We have been on hold with the (480) 724-2000 number for over two hours. Id there another way to contact the Summons and Subpeona epartment?

    • With the recent upheaval at Wells Fargo, this is not entirely surprising. Has anyone else had success?

    • Lori permalink

      This is ridiculous I have been on hold with your Summons and Subpoenas Dept. for 3 hrs and 19 min. so far….Terribly unprofessional!!

      • Lori, I feel your pain. Unfortunately, this website is not part of Wells Fargo. This is simply a directory to assist folks in the legal field.

  13. Sherri James permalink

    Hello I am a Wells Fargo Mortgage holder and have been placed in the worst mortgage. I am not sure if there was not some flopping of paperwork going on. I have requested and received a copy of my original mortgage. I am looking for help with taking legal action, but not sure who to contact. I have been paying on a 40 year mortgage since 2006 and it has only gone down by $3,000 dollars. but I have payed about $66,000 on it and have 30 years to go. Please if anyone can give me guidance it would be greatly appreciated.

  14. JA Siemers permalink

    Wells Fargo, NA
    Att :: Legal Processing Group
    9062 Old Annapolis Road
    Columbia, MD 21045

  15. Kathy Foss permalink

    That address is no good!! I sent there and then did not have response from Wells Fargo. Called and they will not honor the Subpoena because not sent to the correct PO Box. They said the post office delivered it there. Correct P.O. Box 29779, Phoenix, AZ 85038. Yes Wells Fargo got the Subpoena. They are so difficult to deal with.

  16. Donna Martin permalink

    Wells Fargo Summons Processing is in North Carolina now. Legal Department for Summons Processing is in Arizona at the 480-724-2000 number…The Philadelphia office was moved to North Carolina.PO Box 1416, Charlotte, NC 28262

  17. R. L. Lewis permalink

    You could contact the Secretary Of State in which you wish to serve Wells Fargo, they can tell you who to send it to. They have to have someone that excepts service of process on record if they faile to except then process has been served.. IF you send or serve them check with your state Rule of civil procedure to see if they fail to except service if service is completed. In Tennessee if anyone fails to except service of process and the information is correct such as Wells Fargo. then service has been made. In Fact you can take the process to any wells fargo Bank and serve or have served the Manager. BET IT GETS TO THE RIGHT PLACE… The information on this site is correct as to service of process.

  18. Kari permalink

    Can Wells Fargo take money from a subpoena without notifying you? My husband filed for bankruptcy and his attorneys weren’t notified. As of 5:00 est time money was in our account, at 7:00 est time all money was gone. Help guide please it is the weekend and our sons birthday. Can’t talk to Wells Fargo until Monday.

  19. Anna permalink

    Does any one know or have a contact at the Wells Fargo compliance department?

  20. Michelle - Florida Paralegal permalink

    Wells Fargo continues to give me the run around. I served the local branch by USPS Certified Mail The nice local girl told me that she faxed it to the legal department. After the 30 days had passed, I called the local branch and spoke to her again was given a phone number (215) area code and reference number. The representative told me that again my Subpoena was not served correctly because I had not walked into the local branch in person! Also that the local branch needs to “email” the subpoena, not “fax” it! After going back and forth with the representative, I was told to fax my subpoena to them and they would “review it and consider it”. Very insulting and unprofessional. Shame on you, Wells Fargo.

  21. April Wade permalink

    I need to serve the Wells Fargo Dealer Services Department. I’ am located in NH. The sheriffs office told me they could not give me the registered listed agent for them in NH that the one I originally listed is no longer in service. The lady also told me that if there is no registered agent in NH for that department that I can do it through the secretary of state. But it has to be 100% correct that the no longer have a agent in NH and I also have to obtain the out of state address for the department for the secretary of state. I’ am so confused and no lawyers around where I live will offer any assistance.

  22. Michelle - Florida Paralegal permalink

    I sent my Florida subpoena to the subpoena processing department in Philadelphia and received this letter back: “Wells Fargo is unable to comply with the legal order and objects. This case will be treated as invalid – the subpoena was not delivered in an acceptable method (it was sent U.S.P.S. certified mail), nor was it served within the state of issuance.”
    I will send my subpoena to the local Florida Branch, but jeez, it’s a subpoena processing department that does not process subpoenas??

    • It has to do with jurisdiction and such. Some entities accept by mail, some don’t. If it’s a “serve at the local branch” entity then by all means do it that way.

  23. Nina Wilson permalink

    Don’t any of you have SCC’s in your states wherein you can look up the registered agent for WF? That’s who you serve subpoenas on.

  24. Michelle Hurst-Renee permalink

    My account was served with a garnishment on the funds in my checking account in October 2012. For whatever reason the creditor did not receive the funds (I’m assuming it’s because my wages are being garnished for the debt). In July 2013 I filed a precipe to quash the writ of attachment of which was granted in November 2013. I’ve been trying in vain ever since to have my funds returned to me. The original order (October 2012) was sent directly to the branch in DC who in turn sent it to legal processing in Philadelphia. My precipe (July 2013) was sent directly to the branch in DC who in turn “lost it / never received it” and 2nd a second copy was sent directly to the branch manager who in turn sent it to Philadelphia to have it processed and my funds returned to me. As of today I have not received my money. I called the legal processing department and they told me they “no longer accept court documents from branches and that the documents have to come directly to them in Philadelphia”. I asked her for the address to possibly have a 3rd letter sent and she told me they could fax it and she refused to give me the mailing address. I called the court and spoke to the Judge’s clerk and he told me it was illegal for them to tell me that i can not have my money if they honored the October 2012 writ of attachment that was mailed from the court to the bank in DC who then sent it to Philadelphia for processing. He told me they do NOT fax anything anywhere and what was signed and sent on November 15th and again in December 2013 to the bank branch should have been sufficient. He said he has never heard of this practice by any bank. If i have a legally binding court order and I take it to the branch and it is noted on my document that a writ was mailed to the DC branch and lists their address they should honor it. My question is how do I find out if this practice is legal? Why are they so quick to take my money and I have to go through h*ll and high water to get it back? I want to write a letter but I’m not sure where or who to address it to.

  25. Michelle permalink

    We are trying to contact them at the 480-724-2000 number to tell them we have paid their bill back in July and we just received our 3RD REQUEST for the same invoice – but you cannot reach anyone and no one calls you back – very bad system

  26. CA peace officer permalink

    I am trying to serve Wells Fargo with a subpoena for records on a Wells Fargo Financial credit card. I originally issued the subpoena to Wells Fargo Credit Card Services and was rejected by the Phoenix Arizona Subpoena Deparment. There reason was, “Unable to provide records under entity served.”

    They asked me to change the subpoena to reflect, “Wells Fargo Bank N.A.” I did what they asked and they rejected it again for the same reason.

    When I called they were less than helpful. I’ve dealt with more professional people in a drive thru fast food restaurant. They refused to assist me with this process claiming they couldn’t offer legal advice.

    Has anybody here served a warrant on a Wells Fargo Financial Credit Card? The BIN is 4388-84 if that helps.

  27. Anon permalink

    It sounds like there is a big problem with Wells Fargo not responding to subpoenas. I have tried on multiple occasions to contact them to try and find out an expected time frame for the requested information as they surpassed the deadline. I tried the local branch and the 2000# and no one responds. If only there was a way to hold them accountable.

  28. Gonzalo Valdes permalink

    I want to subpoena my mortgage records and all information regarding my foreclosure and modification denial after making trial payments on time electronically. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Please contact an attorney in your area for help with issuing a subpoena for these types of records. Generally speaking, a lawsuit must be pending in order to issue subpoenas. You may consider requesting copies of all your records from your lender.

  29. I do not know whether it’s just me or if everybody else encountering issues with your site. It looks like some of the text within your posts are running off the screen. Can someone else please provide feedback and let me know if this is happening to them too? This might be a problem with my web browser because I’ve had this happen before.


  30. Govt administrator permalink

    In a recent case, the local WFB branch sat on a subpoena from a governmental agency for over 60 days before forwarding it to the Legal Order Processing unit in Phoenix. They then asked for an additional 30 days to process it, which was denied. They then responded with only partial information and refused to return phone messages. Looks like a contempt order is next. Be prepared to take them to court when you serve them.

  31. Subpoena was served on Wells Fargo main branch in Jax, Fl requesting info on several accounts, including investment accounts. WF complied with all but investment accounts although the subpoena was addressed to and served on investment division personnel.
    Should I re-serve the same subpoena on investment division and where are they headquartered? (subpoena made out to “name of investment counsellor”, Wells Fargo Bank, Jax address.) Or should I just file motion to compel?
    Our feeling is that the subpoena was served on Wells Fargo Bank — naming no particular division — and they should honor the subpoena as it was served.
    Any info specific to investment division would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you!

    • We recommend that you give Wells Fargo subpoena compliance department a call at the number listed here on the site, as a first step. You probably need to direct the investment record subpoena to a different legal entity. Investment divisions of banks are frequently organized as distinct companies from the checking/savings divisions, although they share the WFB parent name.

      • Thank you. The other docs were handled by Subpoena Processing East in Philadelphia PA; is the (480) 724-2000 number the only one for compliance or are there separate numbers for East and West?
        The subpoena was actually served on the investment counsellor who handled the accounts named who then forwarded it to Philadelphia. Although not addressed to “investment division” it was addressed to this counsellor and Wells Fargo Bank (without the N/A) and we feel it should suffice and certainly don’t want to have to go through the notice to parties again for a new subpoena.

  32. LEOScott permalink

    There are two locations for Legal Order Processing for Wells Fargo Bank, NA. I obtained this information by calling (480) 724-2000.

    PO Box 29779
    Phoenix, AZ 85038
    Fax: 866-670-1561

    PO Box 7600
    Philadelphia, PA 19106
    Fax: 704-427-3684

  33. Blue Seahorse permalink

    The Proper address is :

    Wells Fargo Bank NA
    Legal Order Processing
    PO Box 8667 Y1372-110
    Philadelphia, PA 19101

    Phone (215)973-3717
    Fax (704) 427-3686

    But service is accepted at any branch. It’s not in Arizona, maybe was but not anymore.

    • Thanks for sharing your subpoena experiences with the readers.

      Can you please share with us how you know the Arizona address is not valid? Are you located on the east coast? Were you just given this east coast address, or told specifically told Arizona won’t accept any subpoenas? Any details would be appreciated because the Arizona address was good up until very recently for west coast originating subpoenas.

  34. permalink

    Where did you get the information that Wells Fargo will accept service of process through a branch? This does not sound right.

    • This information comes directly from Wells Fargo. You may call them at their subpoena compliance department to verify this. (480) 724-2000.

      • jekkle permalink

        ive sent a few subpoenas out to wellsfargo and they all come back saying they are not addresses to the right entity can someone help me????

        • If there is mention of an “entity” you might be sending your subpoena to the wrong division of WFB. What type of records are you looking for? Checking accounts? Credit cards? Mortgage records? Each is handled by different Wells Fargo companies. Specifics about your subpoenas would be helpful so that the readers can offer you their suggestions. Where did you “send” your subpoenas. Did you personally serve, or send by mail?

          References to “entities” is common. Many financial institutions have different legal corporate entities which operate different aspects of the overall business. Subpoenas must be specifically addressed, and served, to the correct entity to be valid.

      • cristelamendoza permalink

        Hi um I was told that my account was on hold but they really didn’t give me much information I really dnt know what’s going on but they gave me a number to call and it says it Legal processing center of wells Fargo bank do u know of anything like why is this happening

  35. Alice Odaffer, secretary for Alex Barker permalink

    A Subpoena was forwarded to the Subpoena Processing Department regarding [REDACTED] on or about February 24, 2012. To date we have not received the requested records on [REDACTED]. Please advise as to when we can expect to receive the requested material, pursuant to the Subpoena. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

    • Alice,
      This is not Wells Fargo. This is just a blog site that offers information to assist people issuing subpoenas. We are not affiliated with the financial institutions in any way, shape or form. You need to contact Wells Fargo directly to follow up. Just as an FYI, they will typically send you a letter with a request for payment for the records once they’ve determined how many hours and how many documents are involved. You can reach them by phone at (480) 724-2013.
      Again, this website is not Wells Fargo. Good Luck with your search.

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