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PNC Bank

September 16, 2011

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PNC Bank may be served at a variety of locations depending on the type of records sought.

Some service of process locations include:
(Note – this is NOT a complete list)

Requests for credit card records may be served at:
PNC Bank
249 Fifth Avenue
One PNC Plaza
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Requests for checking account records may be served at:
PNC Bank
Firstside Center
500 First Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Questions for PNC Bank Records Custodian:
4100 West 150th Street
Loc: B7-YB17-01-C
Cleveland, OH 44135

  1. I was able to do a number of banks quickly by finding their facebook page and just messaging them for the fax number/email for their subpoena processing dept. I had answers back in about an hour, no fussing around. try that.

  2. Just called today (April 2021). This number goes to Garnishments and says for the legal department (Warrants, subpoenas, etc.) go to your local branch or go to the PNC website.

  3. HI, This is Charlet Herr with the Law Offices of Paul D. Hunt. What is a good email for service of process? I have a tax case that needs to be served on PNC.

    Thank you,

  4. Donald Martin permalink

    Trying to get ahold of somebody at PNC who might be able to help with information about the facilities protocol for legal matters
    I have tried the email given and there is no address available
    And no answer with the number provided?
    Any help would be appreciated thank you

  5. Donald Martin permalink

    I received information that PNC received a subpoena for my bank account to be presented at a deposition on 25 September and was wondering why I never received any information concerning this presentation of my account information without my knowledge
    Please respond via email at your earliest convenience thank you

    • Mr. Martin, as indicated in this website, we are not affiliated with PNC Bank. This website is for legal professionals. However, the answer to your question depends on the state where you live. If you live in California, the person (or attorney) who used the subpoena for your personal records is required to serve you with a “consumer notice” giving you advance warning of the subpoena — in a civil case. This requirement may not exist in other states, and may also not be required if your records are required as part of a criminal investigation. You should be talking to the person who issued the subpoena, as they are the one responsible for giving you notice.

      This comment does not in any way shape or form constitute legal advice, nor does it establish an attorney client relationship of any kind. You are encouraged to contact a licensed attorney in your local state for further assistance.

      • Donald Martin permalink

        Thank you very much you have been most helpful
        Once again thank you for your time

  6. Lisa permalink

    I need the contact information as we are handling an estate and need account details for an inventory

  7. yvonne modcia permalink

    My xhusband got my pnc bank account numbers and specific bank account balances without a court ordered subpoena from his hired private investigator (sos securities in nj) supposidly doing an asset search. Who do I contact to help get information I can submitt to the court. And how do I protect my bank private information??

  8. PNC’s subpoena department phone number as of August 2018 is 855-272-7229.

  9. PNC’s Subpoena Processing Phone# as of August 2018 is 855-272-7229.

  10. Charles White permalink

    I need records maintained by PNC Bank for a mortgage it owned for real property located in Miami Florida area. I am most interested in the Assignment from National City Bank, who wrote the mortgage and who assigned it to PNC, and any entity PNC assigned the mortgage to. Who do I write in order to request that information?

  11. ROBERT BOZARTH permalink

    I was served with a lawsuit as the trustee of a deed of trust. The lawsuit alleges a cause of action by Arlington, VA to assert its tax lien over the lien of PNC’s mortgage. A copy was sent to PNC’s registered agent, but I feel obliged to notify PNC as well, since I was served. Who can I send a copy of the complaint to?

  12. Jason Corbin permalink

    Is there a law enforcement support phone number?

  13. Cara S. permalink

    I need the name and address of someone in the Levy Department to serve a Motion and Order to Seize Bank Account.

  14. I need the phone number of WellsFargo at Phoenix, Az LEGAL PROCESS DEPT PleaSE SEND TO MY EMAIL JANJENSEN1941@HOTMAIL.COM thank you

  15. Raymond Glover permalink

    for PNC Bank, for any state that lies east of the Ohio Pennsylvania line, any legal orders need to be sent to the Cleveland record Services office which is located at 4100 West 150th Street Cleveland Ohio 44135 the correct phone number is 866 849 2096 option one for subpoenas an option two for garnishments. If the state in which the legal order is from lies east of the Ohio Pennsylvania line then send the corresponding legal order to the Pittsburgh office that is the address on 500 First Ave,The Firstside Center. II hope this information helps!!

    • Thank you Mr. Glover!

    • Pat Dulaney permalink

      i think you mean states that lie “west” of the Ohio/Penn border goes to Cleveland. I don’t know how recent Raymond Glover’s information is., but the phone number you provide has a recording that just says, “the number you have dialed is not answering.”

      • Pablo permalink

        The correct number is 888-849-2096. Looks like a simple typo

  16. Colleen permalink

    I am looking for the title to my vehicle that was paid off over a year ago. PNC took over Yardville Bank years ago and took over my auto loan. I have sent certified letters to PNC Headquarters and have not received a response. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

  17. Yvonne permalink

    Hi, I have the subpoena information for Charter One bank. How do I submit that?

  18. Tracy permalink

    does anyone know the agent for service of process for Court motions to PNC bank? or the legal processing dept info?

  19. Verified these two options today:

    Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
    Legal Order Processing East
    P.O. Box 7600
    Philadelphia, PA 19106
    FAX 704-427-3684

    Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
    Legal Order Processing
    P.O. Box 29779
    Phoenix, AZ 85038
    FAX 866-670-1561

  20. Paula permalink

    direct line for subpoena dept is 800-762-3428 option #1

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